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Case Study: Design, Manufacture and Deployment - Ark Blacklands Primary

Academy School

Duration – 8 months

Modular500 worked with Ark Blacklands Primary Academy School to design, manufacture, and deploy an extension classroom.


Ark Blacklands Primary Academy are an Ofsted approved “Outstanding” community primary school that serves the local children of Hastings.  The school sought to expand one of its classrooms by deploying a modular unit. Modular500 was chosen as the trusted partner to deliver this unit, ensuring efficient construction, timely deployment, and seamless link into the classroom fit-out.

Modular500 collaborated closely with Ark Blacklands to design a modular unit that was a fit for their operational requirements. The design process incorporated functionality, aesthetics, and compliance with local regulations. The modular unit was carefully planned to maximize space utilisation and provide an optimal layout for the school and to ensure maximum efficiency.

The modular units were manufactured in our controlled factory environment, allowing for precise fabrication, efficient workflow, and reduced construction waste.

Once the manufacturing process was complete, the modular unit was transported to Ark Blacklands school premises for installation. Modular500's skilled team efficiently connected the module onsite, creating a fully functional classroom extension.

A successful project including design, manufacture, and deployment.

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