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Case Study: Design, Manufacture and Deployment of modular building and

drive thru– KFC Stafford

Duration – 6 months

We were recently awarded a contract to design, manufacture and deploy a modular building to be installed in Stafford for a joint venture between ISE Estates, Gastronomy Foods and KFC, it was a long time coming but with a lot of hard work it was a complete success.


This project required Modular500 to collaborate with the developers appointed teams.  By manufacturing a modular building, we aimed to provide KFC with Stafford number 2 and the UK’s 1st Little Drive Thru.

We worked together throughout the process to ensure all needs and preferences were met. The modular building was prefabricated off-site, allowing for controlled quality assurance and rapid completion on-site. This methodology minimises disruption on site for the client whilst ensuring the safety of the workers and the public.


When finished the modular building looked amazing!  A fantastic asset perfectly designed to plug the gap in smaller trade zones and for tight sites.  We look forward to collaborating again on future KFC projects.

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