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Case Study: Delivery of a Design and Build Costa Kiosk at Albert Dock, Liverpool

Duration – 5 Months

We were recently awarded a contract to design and build a volumetric modular kiosk to be installed in Albert Dock, Liverpool by regular clients, Costa.

This comprehensive project required Modular500 to take contractual responsibility for groundworks, incoming service feeds and ducting, kiosk design, off-site manufacture and fit out of the module, deployment , installation and commissioning, whilst agreeing all works with the client (Costa), site landlord (CBRE) and the area governing body (Canal and Rivers Trust ) all within a fixed client budget and an ambitious timeline.

The project team began by conducting a thorough site survey to collate existing conditions and constraints. We then applied this information to the development of a detailed design that met the client's requirements while also being mindful of the budget and timeline.

Our construction team worked closely with the design team to ensure that the proposal was feasible and could be built within the parameters. We also worked with the client to ensure that their needs and preferences were being met throughout the design process.

Once the design was finalised, the construction team began working on site preparations and simultaneously progressing the kiosk build and fit out in the factory. This methodology minimises disruption on site for the client and site landlord whilst ensuring the safety of the workers and the public.

Despite certain complications and challenges, the project was completed on schedule and within budget. The final product was a kiosk that exceeded the client's expectations in terms of design, quality, and sustainability.

The client was extremely satisfied with the outcome and has since continued to award Modular500 with further contracts.

Overall, the successful delivery of the design and build project at Albert Dock, Liverpool for Costa was a result of our team's careful planning, efficient execution, and close collaboration with the client. The project served as a showcase of our capabilities and has helped to continue our status as a leading player in the modular building industry.

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