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Case Study: Multi Module Structures - Greggs

Duration – 5 Years

Modular500 worked with Greggs to design, manufacture, and install multi-module Greggs units using offsite Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) methodology.


Greggs, a renowned UK bakery chain, sought to expand its operations by deploying modular units in various locations. Modular500 was chosen as the trusted partner to deliver these units, ensuring efficient construction, timely deployment, and seamless link into the shop fit-out.

Modular500 collaborated closely with Greggs to design modular units that align with their brand identity and operational requirements. The design process incorporated functionality, aesthetics, and compliance with local regulations. The modular units were carefully planned to maximize space utilisation and provide an optimal layout for bakery operations, customer flow, and staff efficiency.

The modular units were manufactured in a controlled factory environment, allowing for precise fabrication, efficient workflow, and reduced construction waste. This approach minimised onsite disruptions and ensured consistency across all units.

Once the manufacturing process was complete, the modular units were transported to their respective locations for installation. Modular500's skilled team efficiently connected the modules onsite, creating a seamless structure and a fully functional and branded Greggs unit.

The implementation of Modular500's offsite MMC construction methodology for Greggs units brought several benefits. Firstly, it significantly reduced construction time, enabling faster deployment and earlier revenue generation. Secondly, the controlled factory environment ensured superior quality and minimised construction waste. Moreover, the modular units provided flexibility, allowing for easy relocation or expansion as per business needs.

A successful project including design, manufacture, and install multi-module Greggs units using offsite MMC construction methodology exemplifies our expertise in delivering efficient and high-quality modular solutions. By using offsite manufacturing and connecting onsite for shop fit-out, Modular500 facilitated the rapid deployment of Greggs units while maintaining brand consistency and operational excellence. This highlights the advantages of MMC and modular construction in meeting the unique requirements of food retail units, demonstrating the potential for streamlined processes, reduced construction timelines, and successful delivery of branded outlets.

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