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Case Study: Delivery of Belron UK's Successful Off-Grid Project

Duration – 12 Months

Modular500 successfully undertook a project to design, manufacture, deploy, and manage a completely off-grid solar battery system. By designing a renewable energy solution, we created a customised system tailored to Belron's energy needs. This project allowed Belron UK to remove their reliance on traditional energy sources, and reducing their carbon footprint, whilst ensuring uninterrupted power supply for their operations. Through the use of high-quality solar panels, efficient inverters, and advanced battery technology, the system effectively captured and stored solar energy. The project's success highlights our commitment to sustainability and showcases the feasibility and benefits of off-grid solar battery systems.

The system was designed to capture solar energy during the day and store it in the batteries for use during operating hours. The installation process included mounting the solar panels on the module roof and connecting them to the battery storage system.

The successful implementation of the off-grid solar battery system brought several benefits to Belron UK. Firstly, it significantly reduced the company's carbon footprint by utilising clean and renewable energy. Secondly, it provided a reliable and uninterrupted power supply at electrically remote, high footfall locations, eliminating the need for an electrical supply. Additionally, the system helped Belron UK achieve long-term cost savings by reducing energy expenses and mitigating the impact of rising electricity prices.

The average UK four bed semi detached home consumes 8kWhrs / 24hr period, the Reading outlet produced enough power for one home for a year.

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