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Case Study: Design and Roll Out of Food & Beverage Modular Stores for Haven Holiday Parks. 

Duration – 2 Years

Modular500 worked with Haven Holiday Parks, a leading UK holiday park operator, to enhance the F&B experience for their guests. By introducing modular stores, we aimed to provide convenient and diverse food and drink options, including Box Bars, Seaside Treats, Chopstix, Papa John's, and Cooks Fish & Chips. Modular500 managed the strategic planning, design, and implementation processes that led to the successful deployment of these modular stores across Havens UK wide Coastal estate. 

Haven Holiday Parks conducted extensive market research and collaborated with renowned food brands to develop a diverse and appealing food and beverage offering. Each modular store concept was carefully designed to align with the unique ambiance and requirements of the holiday parks. The designs focused on creating attractive, functional, and easily deployable structures that would seamlessly integrate into the park's landscape and accommodate the specific brand requirements.

The stores were prefabricated off-site, allowing for controlled quality assurance and rapid completion on-site. This method minimised disruption to park operations and expedited the rollout process. Each modular store was strategically placed in high-traffic areas, ensuring easy accessibility for guests and maximizing visibility.

The design and rollout of modular stores brought numerous benefits to Haven Holiday Parks. Firstly, the introduction of diverse food options enhanced the overall guest experience and satisfaction levels. Secondly, the modular construction approach minimised costs, construction time, and environmental impact compared to traditional building methods. 

The integration of Box Bars, Seaside Treats, Chopstix, Papa John's, and Cooks Fish & Chips within the holiday parks has proven to be a winning strategy, enhancing guest satisfaction and boosting revenue via the successful implementation of modular stores for food and beverage offerings in the hospitality and leisure industry.

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